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cause cancer?" great to have you on the show. >> Always great to be here. >> Linda: there has been interest for various reasons in what we know as ozempic. Lots of studies have been done. Why is this one different? >> This one is different because it was the first large trial looking at kidney outcomes. We've fairly well established this medication is a good diabetes treatment. We established it can lead to weight loss. We have established there are cardiac benefits. Now we have a trial establishing that there are kidney benefits as well. And this is important because the goal of giving this medication to people is not for esthetics, it's not for cosmetics, it's not just to pretty up the numbers on your blood test, it's to prevent disease. So if we can prevent cardiovascular events, we have people reducing morbidity and people having heart failure or needing dialysis because of kidney failure. There are benefits and that's why we're talking about these medications as often as we do. >> Linda: people have been using ozempic off label for things like weight loss. This wasn't a study that looked at weight loss. >> No, it wasn't. These are all medical studies, but this was a study specifically looking at medical outcomes about the health benefits that go with it. This is a very real problem. I mean, I'm a cardiologist by training so obviously we talk about the cardiovascular outcomes, but the renal outcomes are important too. And especially with diabetics one of the most common causes of kidney failure is because of diabetes. So if you have a new medication that can help prevent that and help prevent worsening renal function or needing dialysis, that's going to have a profound impact and cost savings on our health care system as well. There are important implications to this study above and beyond this medication's use as a weight-loss drug. >> Linda: ozempic as we know is often not covered by government insurance. Would this study change that, do you think? >> Hard to say. A lot of that is going to depend on how medicare in the U.S. acts. How medicare in the U.S. will affect it and canada usually follows suit. I don't know whether this will be used as a weight loss medication but it about will give increasing argumentation to the point we should be using it more broadly in diabetic patients especially nose with underlying cardiovascular and renal problems because it is preventing the secondary consequence of that disease. >> Linda: it is expensive, as we say. Is this a long-term, viable solution for patients with kidney disease with the price tag that it comes with? >> I think it is. Now, we can do some quick back-of-the-envelope mathematics. Each dose is several hundreds of dollars. When you consider the end-term complications of renal failure which is dialysis, that is going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to keep a patient on dialysis. There is obviously an economic argument to be made for using these medications to prevent disease. And of course you add on the fewer number of heart attacks, less heart failure, all those types of things, this all makes a difference. There is a whole science to doing cost-effective analysis and a lot of it is going to depend on the ultimate price tag of what this is if it was bought in bulk by ohip or whatever the provincial funding source is in your province. There is an argument to be made and why they're talking about it. It is going to prevent these long-term health complications which will be expensive when there are chronic heart failure patients or dialysis patients. >> Linda: we've seen people flocking towards ozempic semuglutide but there are warnings from medical experts that it sounds great but it's not a fix all. Certainly sounds like when we hear about all these benefits that it might be a fix-all. You can kind of understand why people might think that way. Do the benefits outweigh the side effects here? >> Yes, absolutely. If you use it in the right population. We had a first conversation around aspirin in the 1980s. It makes a big difference if you're having a heart attack, and yet not everyone needs to be

on aspirin that was a big debate in the 1990s. Not everyone over 50 needs to be on aspirin. We have to use this medication in the right way. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Absolutely, if you're a diabetic or if you have high blood pressure or at higher risk for heart disease or suffering from kidney disease now, there is a compelling argument to be made for using this class of medication. We just need to steer that middle ground where we use it appropriately in the cases where people need it and steer it away from people getting it from non-reputable sources for cosmetic reasons which is not where the medical debate is. >> Linda: always great to talk to you, [rock] go hard go wild Woman: And the crowd goes wild! you fear the blood the sweat the tears We fight the best we can. Man: We build our own legacy. Arena announcer: She scores! Canadian summers just hit different with Tims. ("Steal My Sunshine" by Len) Introducing two new Sparkling Quenchers... made with natural flavours and colours. Memories are made with Quenchers. It's time for Tims ( ) ( ) The infiniti qx60 exemplifies modern luxury. With powerful suv performance, three rows of comfort, and a sleek-yet-daring design. ( ) Lease a 2024 qx60 from 0.99% apr for up to 24 months. Visit INFINITI.ca. ( ) I I was standing ( ) You were there Two worlds collided And they could never tear us apart ( ) I I was standing You were there Two worlds collided Financial goals. At Fidelity, we know that everyone's got them. And they're all different. But the one thing we share? We all want to get to them sooner. ( ) When you back hurts, life hurts. Robax dual action formula relieves pain and relaxes tight muscles. Take back your back with Robax. (Horn honking) Hi, Dad! (Vehicle departing) How's your visit with Noah going? He took out my Jag! (Chuckle) But he doesn't know how to drive stick. He doesn't? (Tires screeching, thud) Ah, f... Fix Auto! The first words that should come to mind after an accident. [ ] >> Linda: well, canada's last hope in this year's stanley cup playoffs is back on the ice tonight. The edmonton oilers are in dallas to take on the stars, looking to build on their overtime victory in game one. Freelance journalist ed climbin is in toronto. Ed, exciting times for oilers fans tonight. What does the strategy need to be to secure that win? >> Reporter: yeah, great question, linda. Because the dallas stars are going to be a real tough opponent tonight. They're as deep and as balanced a team as you'll find in the national hockey league. I think for edmonton, it comes down to two things they have to maximize when they play tonight. One, they've got connor McDAVID and dry sooilt very, the best one-two punch. They have to maximize the number of chances. However edmonton draws it up, they just need to make sure those two guys are at the centre of the action to create opportunity. The other thing is at the other end of the night. Stuart skinner, their goalie. He struggled against vancouver and got benched and had to be replaced. They brought him back and he was exceptional. He needs to continue playing really well for them to have a chance. I expect another real close game like the last one and I expect this to be a real long series. These are two teams that match up well. Entertaining, tight, nervous times for oilers fans, but for sure this should be a good game tonight, and I think it's going to be a lot of fun to see how it plays out. >> Linda: nervous times but exciting if we can keep that season going. I want to ask you also today about the pwhl, just the latest

on sort of the last steps towards crowning a champion in the inaugural series. We have 30 seconds left. >> Reporter: another really good series, minnesota against boston. Taylor heise is looking close to putting them over the edge. But watch for the goalie forcing a game five. >> Linda: thanks very much for this. Always interesting to talk to you. Freelance journalist ed klajman in toronto. >>> The euclid space telescope released five mesmerizing photos of our universe part of a european space agency mission to look at drnlg energy. These will beark energy. These will be captured over the next years and more than a billion >>The Great Canadian Baking Showis back. >> And the winner is... >> Alan, no, it's too soon for that. [upbeat jazz] >> How about after? >> Give me that. >> Ok, sure. Trouble sleeping? Sleep Cycle can help. It's an extended release tablet that's designed to help you fall asleep faster, temporarily promote relaxation, and increase your total sleep time. Look for Sleep Cycle at these stores. Kevin and Sarah have one of the world's largest collections of souvenir plates. [crash] They also have a teenager, so they got their plates insured. But they don't have life insurance. Kevin's worried his diabetes will make it hard to qualify, and Sarah does not like medical exams. So we got them some new plates to tell them about Canada Protection Plan. Canada Protection Plan hassolutions for both the healthy and hard to insure. With no needles or medicalexams required on most plans. You'll get great coverageat a price you'll love and there are no paymentsin your first month. Anybody between18 and 80 can apply and there are greatmember benefits including rewards for activeliving and giving back. As part of the Foresters family,your coverage is backed by our excellentfinancial strength. Contact your advisor or call now to get a no-obligation quote in minutes. Canada Protection Plan. Protecting what matters most... you. [crash] It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! ( ) That's a dq Chicken Strip Basket! Oh look at those tasty dq chicken strips. And fries! Plus all the dips! Oh let's order one, right now! Dq. Happy Tastes Good. All the things you take care of make you beautiful on the inside. Collagen30 can help on the outside. It's clinically researched to help reduce eye wrinkles within four weeks. Collagen30. Beauty from the inside out. [ ] >> Linda: hello. You're watching cbc news network. I'm linda ward. Coming up, we're tracking the latest at the university of toronto. The school has issued a trespass notice to a pro-palestinian encampment on its grounds as a deadline to accept its proposal comes and goes.

>>> Also ahead, the remains of an unknown soldier from newfoundland who died in france during the first world war are on their way home. We'll show you the solemn ceremony that took place in beaumont-hamel, france. And the oilers will try to take full control of their semi-finals increase against the stars tonight in dallas. >>> We begin in the middle east. The israeli's prime minister's defiance to a U.N. court order has given fire to kick start ceasefire talks. Benjamin netanyahu says their efforts in rafah won't be abandoned. The court warned the incursion could bring about the physical destruction of palestinians taking shelter there. Netanyahu says the search for hamas militants in gaza's southern-most city cannot end now despite pressure both domestically and on the global stage. His statement has reignited the diplomatic push for a new truce and hostage release with the stage for talks shifting to france. Journalist irris makler has been keeping an eye on those talks from jerusalem and says the revival of negotiations is a sign of optimism. >> Irris: well, at the moment it's just talks about talks but it is significant, linda. What we've seen in the last few hours and there were these meetings in paris between the C.I.A. chief, the israeli mossad chief, the qatari prime minister and they say that talks will resume. Next week there will be talks between the same three parties and then also egypt and then hamas will be brought in. So I suppose it is optimistic because we haven't seen any talks on this issue for more than two weeks. It's significant also because of the i.c.j., the international court of justice's order to israel to stop fighting and particularly to protect the civilians in gaza. That order was some 24 hours ago and in that time we have seen continued fighting. Israel says it is finding more tunnels and weapons of militants. And the hamas-run health ministry in gaza says in that period there's been dozens more casualties and dozens more deaths of palestinians. So if there were to be talks and if there was another way to solve this issue, this deadlock, it would be very welcome. >> Linda: irris, providing aid was central to the world court's ruling against israel. What can you tell us about any advances there? >> Irris: there has been a breakthrough brought about after a conversation between U.S. president joe biden and the egyptian president el-sisi. They had a conversation and it has now been agreed that aid will be able to enter from egypt through karem shalom, the israeli crossing point. That is significant because usually it goes in through rafah, but in the last days 19 days, since israel entered rafah, no aid is going in. Israel and egypt blame each other for that. In a way it's not significant who is to blame. What is important is there are hundreds of trucks lining up on that border at the moment. Aid is not getting in. Fresh food especially is rotting there. So this is a huge advance. The important thing will be once the aid gets in, will it be able to be distributed and will it be able to be distributed to some 900,000 people estimated moving out of rafah to tents in an area al-mawasi on the coast. Very small area, very cramped. They really do need that humanitarian aid and I guess that's the aim right now. >> Linda: that's irris makler from jerusalem.

>>> Now to the ongoing tensions on some of this country's leading university campuses. School officials at the university of toronto are waiting for a response after issuing a trespass notice to pro-palestinian protesters. The students set up an encampment more than three weeks ago protesting the war in gaza. The cbc's albert delitala has the latest. >> Albert: well, we're counting down to 8:00 A.M. local time on monday. That's the new deadline that protesters have to leave campus or potentially face a five-year suspension or even expulsion from the university. And that comes after more than three weeks of an encampment set up there and that was in solidarity to the protests we've seen across north america, pro-palestinian protests that seek to see the war between israel and hamas end. That offer, though, that they were considering, they did decline that offer and in it the university said they would not end partnerships with israeli universities. That was one of their demands. Also, they invited students to attend a board of governor council meetings to make their demands then and also offered a working group around disclosure and increasing transparency of their investments, another demand those students were making. They were to accept that by 4:00 P.M. yesterday, that was the deadline, but they rejected that offer. They said the university was essentially offering them a process that already existed and they want commitments instead around their demands. Here is one protester who said they remain resolute around all of this. >> We do not plan to leave any time soon. I also want to come back to the reason they issued us this notice. They put out their first offer to us yesterday, more of an ultimatum that they are framing as the final offer. U. Of t. Knows how to bargain. They bargain with unions on campus all the time. The first written offer cannot be the final offer. We are currently preparing our counter offer and hopefully we're able to discuss that at the 5:00 P.M. meeting on sunday. >> Albert: one representative with hillel ontario spoke with cbc news. They advocate for jewish students. He didn't say whether police should go into the encampment, but he did say it has to end. >> Ultimately what we want is peace, coexistence and we want to be able to study and learn and live and work on a campus with everybody. Unfortunately, these unlawful occupations have brought intimidation to campus and it is time that university leaders across the province and across the country and our government leaders and well-meaning canadians stand up and say enough. >> Albert: meanwhile, at McMASTER university in hamilton west of toronto, a similar situation. You can see images of that encampment going on there for three weeks. It's set to come down today after students reached an agreement with the university. That framework includes human rights considerations in their international agreements and also an annual disclosure of all of the direct investments they make. >> Linda: albert, in montreal, a university there has filed an injunction against protesters. What do we know about that? >> Albert: that's at the université du québec à montréal. That university did file an injunction as you said against the students who have been camping on their campus for just over a week now. I think we have some pictures of that situation. They're actually seeking for those tents and other objects they have set up to not to be closer than 3 metres away from buildings. They also say that safety is a concern, they allege vandalism has taken place. A lot of those accusations the students do deny, but the judge in this case has yet to rule but says safety will be top of mind in that decision, linda. >> Linda: the cbc's albert delitala.

>>> Turning now to the war in ukraine and russia is keeping up its attacks on ukraine's second-largest city, prompting a fresh call by president volodymyr zelenskyy for international allies to send more air defence systems. At least two people are confirmed dead after russian forces bombed a hardware store in kharkiv. Officials say up to 200 customers and staff were inside and they fear the number of victims could rise because a large number of people remain unaccounted for. Kharkiv lies just 30 kilometres from the border with russia and has been a target for many weeks. Ukraine says despite the attacks, its military remains in control. >>> Well, it's a day that many have waited a very long time for. The remains of an unknown soldier who served in the royal newfoundland regiment during the first world war are now returning home. [ ] >> Linda: these are some of the scenes from a ceremony this morning in beaumont-hamel, france. A party of canadian armed forces personnel accepted the casket. Premier andrew furey was also in attendance. Our cbc team in st. John's spoke to people today to hear their thoughts on the soldier's return. >> I think that's amazing. I can't believe I'm here when it's happening. I'm from saskatchewan and just happened to be here at the same time this is happening. I had no idea. That's pretty cool. >> I think it is absolutely amazing that this is taking place today. I'm quite moved by it today. >> Certainly a very proud moment for the province. As the premier has mentioned, newfoundland and now newfoundland and labrador, was not part of canada at that time. So it's a very distinct, very important time for the province. >> I think it's a really good idea, knowing that he's back home and buried in a spot where even if he didn't have direct descendent or relativelies of his can now and go and see where he is and pay respects. >> It means so much. I have a great-uncle who died during world war I and he is buried in france. [ ] [ ] [dramatic] Announcer:What's new? What's breaking? What's really going on? Cbc News Network. (Opening Mnemonic) (music throughout) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Canadian summers just hit different with Tims. ("Steal My Sunshine" by Len) Introducing two new Sparkling Quenchers... made with natural flavours and colours. Memories are made with Quenchers. It's time for Tims Dry skin needs a little extra care. And it's natural. Treat it that way. With Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Formulated with nourishing prebiotic oat. Proven to moisturize dry skin. All-day. Also, try our face formula. Aveeno. Hi, I'm Rob. And I'm Deborah. And this is our TimberTech story. Our house had a huge concrete slab. We never knew what to do with it. We built the TimberTech deck. The deck floats into the landscape and looks like real wood. We did it all ourselves. It was fun to just kind of figure it out. And we're still married. Still married. TimberTech lets us enjoy a space and an experience that we couldn't ever enjoy before. It feels like a new lease on our house. It's like a really special place in the yard now. Financial goals. Fidelity knows we've all got them. Maybe you want to own a home, or never own a home. Maybe you want to travel. Or have a kid. Or travel with your kid. Yours could be retiring early. Or never retiring at all. At Fidelity, we know everyone has different goals. But the one thing we share? We all want to get to them sooner. ( ) [rock] go hard go wild Woman: And the crowd goes wild! you fear the blood the sweat the tears We fight the best we can. Man: We build our own legacy. Arena announcer: She scores!

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