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Torepol stared at Doflamingo with prudence, seeing his suffocation converge, and then relieved with relief.

Although Doflamingo loves his family and crew very much, all as if they were brothers, but perhaps because of the inevitable reversal, every time he remembers his cruel and ruthless treatment of the enemy, Torrepol is out of control. Fear.

"Mr. Young, that means that," Torrepol whispered to the left of Doflamingo.

To this day, Torrepol and the other members of the Don Quijote Pirates Group do not know the name of Dustless, and they dare not ask more. If it is appropriate for them to know, Doflamingo will clearly inform.

To this day, Doflamingo did not tell the members of the Don Quixote Pirates Group of the dust-free surnames, indicating that their identity is not enough to know.

Can only use "that" to call dustless.

"He? His strategy is just a bet." A moan, said Doflamingo, disapproving.

He didn't care what he said, but he actually decided to implement a clean strategy in his heart. Although absurd, even a little carelessness, he would step into a place of nowhere, which is equivalent to moths extinguishing fire and killing themselves.

But even so, Doflamingo racked his brains and couldn't think of a better plan.

"Meaning that Shao mainly rejected that plan?"

Although the appearance of the Torrebors is idiotic, his mind is still very bright. Doflamingo's words are obviously repulsive to the clean plan.

"This is not. Although it is not reliable, it is currently the only shortcut that can obtain the name of Qiwuhai." Doflamingo shook his head and vetoed it.

Some crazy methods are good, but they can directly force the "Five Stars" to make a decision, and it is also the most effective way. After thinking about it for a while, the confusion in Doflamingo's eyes turned into an unprecedented determination and peace. Confident, decided to give it a go and let go.

"I don't know if the Five Stars will spit blood when they know it?" Haze's face swept away, Doflamingo thought with a grim expression.

Staring at Doflamingo's face, Torrepol instinctively felt a deep misfortune, intending to persuade him, but he stared back with a look of fierceness.

"How is the repair work of the ship, if you can go to sea immediately!"

"Not yet."

The ugly face of Torrepol emerged embarrassed and embarrassed: "These are responsible for collecting all kinds of materials, and after running out of the propulsion city, the ship has been fragmented and there is no possibility of repair. In addition to that, Caesar Someone must be watching. "

Some words seemed to be cold and biting cold water, extinguishing the feverish heart of Doflamingo.

"Forget it, it's a long time, anyway, there are only four people in the Seven Kings of the High Kings."

The fiery eyes calmed down, and Doflamingo calmly said that it was useless to rush too fast. Instead, it might be self-defeating. What Dust gave was only a vague concept, and it required his own detailed planning to achieve it.

With the official establishment of "The Seven Kings of the Sea", the entire world has been devastated by a magnitude 10 earthquake. The super organization composed of seven pirates has the power to rewrite the situation in the world, even if there are only four pirates now. .

This unprecedented organization belongs to the world government

For a while, there was a lot of debate in different parts of the world, and most of them were abusive. Whether it was pirates, ordinary civilians, or the Navy, they held a hostile attitude towards this malformed organization.

The navy and ordinary civilians are hostile to the pirate organization "The King of the Seven Wuhai". After all, the damage caused by the pirates is hard to forget. Family and comrades have fallen in the pool of pirates. It is only natural to hate them. .

It is ridiculous that the pirates also hate this weird organization, and they have regarded the members of the "Seven Wuhai" as running dogs of the world government.

"Eagle Eye, is this your choice ?!"

A remote island on a great route, a large red ship leaned on the shore, a bonfire burning on the island, and a group of naked belly pirates celebrated joyfully.

Combined with the red skull on the ship, it is the red-haired pirate regiment of Megatron New World.

In the cool shade, the red-haired looked carefully at the newspaper in his hand. The other pirates didn't even care. Only the eagle eyes beside the Warring States Period attracted his attention.

Dustless hand suffered a fiasco, and has left an indelible mark on his heart. Since this time, he has been strengthening his strength.

The strength has been significantly improved. In the face of dust, Shanks still does not have the strength of World War I. He can never let go of that bottomless strength.

"That guy is a monster."

Thinking of Wuchen's unpredictable strength, Shanks can only give a helpless grin, not because he is incompetent, but because the enemy is too marginal!

With silver hair and a thin cigarette in his mouth, the calm-looking young man approached the red hair and sat beside him very casually. They seemed quite familiar.

This person is the deputy captain of the Red Haired Pirates-Ben Beckman!

"What is the origin of the people behind Hawkeye?"

Frowning, the redhead was extremely puzzled: "The Emperor Qiwuhai is just a recently established organization. It seems that Eagle Eye could walk freely in the base of the world government-Mary Joa, just a few months ago."

As a pirate, she came and went to Mary Joah in good health, and looking at the whole world, Hawkeye was definitely the first person.

"This guess is simple, but it turns out that you're afraid you won't accept it."

Beckman's narrowed eyes shot wisely. In fact, all factors combined have explained everything.

"The whole world, those who have this kind of power that subverts people's perception, can only be achieved by the original residents of Mary Joa, the Tianlong people who are called the descendants of the Creator."

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Read MTL - Master of Ninja World - Chapter 502 Ben Beckman [first more] - NovelBuddy (2024)


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