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This section of IGN's Destiny 2: The Witch Queen guide features a walkthrough of the second Campaign mission titled The Investigation. Below you'll find requirements to begin as well as a full walkthrough of the mission.

The Investigation - Walkthrough

The Investigation is the second Campaign mission of Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion. After completing the previous mission The Arrival (and The Relic which introduces players to weapon crafting), you'll unlock The Investigation by speaking to Ikora Rey. Interact with the banner in the center of The Enclave or begin the mission from the Director screen. Both Standard and Legendary difficulties have a recommended Power level of 1360, although Legendary offers better rewards.


When you arrive back in Savathûn's Throne World, you'll be tasked to investigate the area. As you approach the center of the garden area, you'll be met with a wave of Hive enemies. After clearing a couple of waves, a Lightbearer Knight will spawn in, wielding Void Light abilities.

As with the previous Lucent Hive you faced thus far, this enemy is very dangerous, so play it safe. After taking it down, you'll receive a message from someone named Fynch. Turn around and head towards the large green barrier on the left and defeat the Hive knights out front.

When you approach the barrier after the fight, your Ghost will inform you about some psychic energy nearby. Turn around and approach the glowing orb up the steps. Upon interacting with the orb, you'll use a new ability called Deepsight which reveals hidden platforms around the area for 30 seconds.

Jump on the newly formed platforms which can easily be identified by the swirling black aura around them. Make your way up the platforms behind you and to the left until you reach the top of the lower courtyard wall. Once here, head into the doorway on the left.

As you approach, the green barrier will dissipate and you'll be able to enter the interior. It's dark inside and very narrow, so tread lightly as enemies can be hiding around any corner. Take a right followed by another right and follow the corridor, taking out any Thrall in the way.

Head down the stairs and drop down to the next area - a dark pit with small ledges and chains hanging from the ceiling. Jump down to the small semicircle-shaped ledge and to the second ledge on the right towards another Deepsight orb.

After interacting with the orb, you'll gain Deepsight again for 30 seconds. Use this ability to jump across to the newly revealed ledge. From there, follow the direction the statue is pointing to the left. Jump up the two nearby platforms to reach another landing. Head up the staircase and through the doorway, following the corridor.


When you reach a fork in the road, head to the left and you'll reach another fork. This time, take a right and you'll come across a room with three Revenant Knights kneeling down. Defeat the Knights and interact with another Deepsight orb to the left, near the black bars.

Exit the room and turn right, following the corridor once again. At the next fork, stick to the left path and follow in the direction the statue is pointing through the next doorway. Jump across the revealed ledges on the edge of the room as you progress upward.

Make your way through the doorway marked by the diamond icon and you'll enter a large room with Cursed Thrall at the opposite end. Defeat these enemies and continue weaving through the room until you reach a set of stairs. Head down the stairs and take a left to continue down a long hallway room with a statue at the end.

Hang a right at the last doorway and you'll emerge back in the courtyard area of the Throne World, only this time you'll be on the other side of the green barrier. Defeat the Acolytes waiting nearby and head up the large staircase to the right.

Continue following the corridor up the additional sets of stairs and through the purple-and-pink-colored hallway. Eventually, you'll emerge in the Flourescent Canal, a large open area of Savathûn's Throne World. Head to the left towards the quest marker and defeat the group of enemies just up the hill.

Continue up the large central ramp towards the large circular fountain. Follow the pathway around the fountain and down the hill a bit. Make your way down the set of large stairs and continue straight until you reach the large gate at the opposite end.

To open the gate, turn around and head towards the large circular platform on your right. When you stand on it, you'll see a percentage marker on the left side of your screen slowly counting upwards. Hold down the area while remaining on the platform until it reaches 100%.


After it's completed, head back up and through the open gate down into the next area. Follow the path straight and slightly to the right until you reach the Quagmire area. Just ahead, you'll see a spot to drop a Rally Banner if you desire. Further ahead, you'll see a group of Scorn enemies fighting some Hive.

Approach the enemies and you'll find a large Barrier Guard Knight amongst them. This enemy is large and hits hard with projectile attacks, while the Scorn Abominations can launch devastating area of effect attacks that persist on the ground.

For this encounter, you'll need to take down three Barrier Guards to open the large green barrier blocking your way up ahead. There's a Barrier Guard in the center where you began the fight, as well as one on the left and right sides of this arena. Each one has a Scorn Abomination with it, so be careful.

After the three Barrier Guards have fallen, a Lightbearer Wizard will spawn in. This enemy also wields the Light, but utilizes ranged Arc abilities. Take it down quickly and remember to crush the Hive Ghost to ensure it doesn't respawn.

In addition to the Lucent Hive enemy, another two Barrier Guards will spawn in. Defeat them to drop the green barrier nearby. Grab the chest and cross the bridge into the marshy Quagmire area up ahead. Your next destination is off in the distance to the left, indicated by the quest marker icon.

Platform across the rocky structures until you reach a ledge outside of a cave. Once you reach the location, approach the Hive Ghost floating nearby who turns out to be none other than Fynch, and he's been waiting for you. The mission will end and you'll be taken to a nearby public area.

When you spawn in, approach Fynch straight ahead and speak with him to receive the next mission of The Witch Queen Campaign titled The Ghosts. You'll also receive an optional Quest titled HARD EVIDENCE.

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The Investigation - Destiny 2 Guide - IGN (2024)


How to do the investigation mission in Destiny 2? ›

After completing the previous mission The Arrival (and The Relic which introduces players to weapon crafting), you'll unlock The Investigation by speaking to Ikora Rey. Interact with the banner in the center of The Enclave or begin the mission from the Director screen.

How many missions are in Witch Queen? ›

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has eight story missions. These are big missions so set some time aside. We found a few took more than an hour to complete. Thankfully, the longest missions do have checkpoints that you can load into if you have to leave a mission before seeing it through.

How to complete the Evidence Board in Destiny 2? ›

You'll need to head over to the Evidence Board which is located nearby in The Enclave on Mars to complete Step 1.
  1. Step 2: Search Quagmire for a sample to match the Osmic Fragment.
  2. Step 3: Defeat the Lucent Brood ambush.
  3. Step 4: Log the Osmic Fragment on the Evidence Board in the Enclave.
Feb 23, 2022

How to redo witch queen campaign? ›

Players who have completed the campaign on any difficulty can replay missions at their leisure. To select a campaign mission and difficulty, visit Savathun's Throne World on the map and select your chosen difficulty at the bottom of the screen.

What does investigating do in Destiny 2? ›

The Investigation is the second mission in The Witch Queen campaign for Destiny 2. It serves as an introduction to the Throne World zone, the second type of Lucent Lightbearer you'll fight throughout the campaign, and it introduces the Deepsight mechanic.

How many hours does Witch Queen take? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is about 11½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 29 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How hard is The Witch Queen campaign? ›

The Witch Queen Campaign features a Standard and Legendary variant. Standard is the normal difficulty and intended for those who want a good mix of story and combat difficulty. Legendary will test your resolve and pit you against more difficult enemies - but offer enticing rewards if you manage to complete it.

What order to play destiny 2 campaign? ›

So in short, the order to do the campaigns is as follows: Shadowkeep (Located on the Moon) Beyond Light (Located on Europa) The Witch Queen (Located on Savathun's Throne World)

Where do I report cheaters in Destiny 2? ›

Users can also report players and clans on through their Game History page. Players can use either in-game or methods to access a player's Clan profile and report it for any content that violates the Code of Conduct.

How to get osteo striga? ›

How to Get Osteo Striga. You have to beat the main Witch Queen campaign. All of it. Then you will be given the ability to not pick up the weapon, but craft it, which you do at the relic on Mars.

How to get d2 hoverboard? ›

You can pick it up from Eva in the Tower and it'll ask you to don your special class item, do a quick Guardian Games activity, and talk to some people. Once you finish “Best in Class,” pick up Eva's new quest, “Drop In.” As soon as you get “Drop In,” you'll get the Common version of the Allstar Vector Skimmer.

Can I solo The Witch Queen campaign? ›

Doing it solo on a hunter can be challenging. You really need to get the right gear and setup to do it solo. Yes, though with the caveat of being less forgiving. The WQ Legendary campaign difficulty scales with the size of the fireteam.

What exotic do you get from Witch Queen Legendary? ›

One of the flagship exotics shipping with the Witch Queen is the class-specific exotic Glaives with three separate versions for Titan, Warlock, and Hunters. Each Glaive has a specific trait to pair with its Guardian and must be unlocked while completing the Witch Queen campaign.

Is Witch Queen legendary hard? ›

It's hard to take Ikora seriously when she tells you how important each mission is when you can easily steamroll through each encounter. Legendary mode is difficult and stressful because what your Guardian is going through is difficult and stressful.

How to do the relic quest in Destiny 2? ›

How to Complete REPORT: RELIC-DATA
  1. Step 2: Shape Throne World weapons at the Relic in the Enclave.
  2. Step 3: Shape Throne World weapons at the Relic in the Enclave.
  3. Step 4: Reshape a weapon with Enhanced Traits.
  4. Step 5 & 6: Log the evidence and review the case on the Evidence Board in the Enclave.
Mar 19, 2022


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