Academic HR Analyst 2 - 129858 (2024)

UCSD Layoff from Career Appointment: Apply by 5/17/24 for consideration with preference for rehire. All layoff applicants should contact their Employment Advisor.

Special Selection Applicants: Apply by 5/29/24. Eligible Special Selection clients should contact their Disability Counselor for assistance.

UC San Diego’s School of Social Sciences (SoSS) includes a diverse group of outstanding departments, programs, centers and research units engaged in increasing opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research.

Comprised of ten academic departments and a wide range of interdisciplinary programs and research units, Social Sciences is the largest academic division at UCSD in terms of numbers of faculty and undergraduate students. More than 40 percent of all bachelor degrees awarded at UCSD are in the social sciences. Four of the top ten majors, Psychology, Economics, Communication, Political Science are Social Science disciplines. Social Sciences is home to nationally and internationally recognized faculty, including three Nobel Laureates and four MacArthur "genius" Grant recipients. Virtually all of the division's programs rank in the top 20 nationally and many rank in the top 10.

Social Sciences has over 220 full-time faculty; 700 graduate students; and approximately one third of the campus' undergraduate majors (8,000) with a total annual course enrollment exceeding 82,000 students. In addition, there are more than 220 staff and 370 student employees housed in 11 buildings across the main campus. IT support for the School is provided by the Social Sciences Computing Facility (SSCF), a consolidated group that offers a shared computing infrastructure and standard policies to all the departments.

Applies professional UC Academic HR concepts, organization and / or system wide policies, and procedures to provide guidance to supervisors and managers to resolve a variety of academic human resources issues of moderate scope and complexity.

As a member of the Dean's Office Academic Personnel review team/unit, conduct the independent review and analysis of academic appointment and review files, temporary academic appointment files for compliance with campus and University policy and procedure, and Non-Senate Instructional Unit (Unit 18) Memorandum of Understanding, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality; make recommendations for resolution of problems. Provide counsel regarding academic and temporary academic personnel issues and actions to departmental chairs, staff, Dean and other campus administrators. Compose and/or edit a wide variety of correspondence for signature of the Dean. Participate in development, analysis, and implementation of new policies.

Retrieve, report, and analyze data from a variety of sources. Develop, update, and implement improvements to internal databases to track academic personnel actions and analyze trends. Participate in a wide variety of special projects and conduct analyses on a variety of personnel issues. Makes a significant contribution to the general objectives of the School of Social Sciences. Cross-train and serve as backup to Dean's office academic personnel team. Serve on cross-functional teams to solve problems and implement new processes relating to academic personnel. Provide administrative support in the Dean's Office as needed.

  • Occasional evenings and weekends may be required. Overtime may be required.
  • Knowledge of university and campus academic personnel policies. Demonstrated ability to relate and apply these policies to the academic appointment and advancement process.

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in the analysis and interpretation of higher institution policies, practices, and procedures (College/Campus/University preferred) for academic personnel and their application to all academic titles.

  • Knowledge of human resources management systems and other related business software programs and systems.

  • Knowledge of unit academic culture and educational goals of discipline(s) served.

  • Knowledge of and ability to apply / interpret organization and college policies and procedures which govern academic HR.

  • Knowledge of organization, college and departmental formal and informal policies and procedures and understanding of variances to stated policies.

  • Analytical skills to conduct analysis and develop recommendations to Chairs / unit management.

  • Demonstrated organization, problem solving, and communication skills.

  • Critical thinking and applied problem-solving skills to research and analyze complex information and/or problems related to academic personnel in an objective manner. Analytical skills to anticipate and forecast impact of potential action. Proven ability to develop logical conclusions and to recommend sound and creative solutions.

  • Demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills to communicate and handle difficult, sensitive and/or confidential matters in a pleasant, diplomatic, effective, and expedient manner. Ability to represent policies and to coach departmental staff on proper procedures to obtain positive results.

  • Strong organizational skills to coordinate large volumes of work, establish priorities, and meet deadlines. Demonstrated experience in maintaining a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail under the pressure of deadlines, while working with constant interruptions.

  • Demonstrated excellent writing skills to independently compose and edit documents effectively. Knowledge of correct spelling and grammar and excellent proofreading skills. Excellent communication skills and ability to communicate technical and nuanced information in person, by telephone or e-mail.

  • Demonstrated experience in maintaining confidentiality of personnel or other sensitive data and issues and exercise discretion in dealing with controversial or potentially sensitive topics. Proven experience in exercising independent judgment and discretion.

  • Skill to maintain composure under heavy workloads and conflicting priorities or demands and thereby sustain effective performance.

  • Demonstrated ability to learn new information, synthesize information from a variety of sources. Research and obtain education to stay current with trends in the field.

  • Demonstrated ability to interact with a diverse group of people and clientele. Initiative to follow-up on projects and to be proactive.

  • Computer skills to quickly and accurately produce reports, correspondence, proposals, etc. Ability to learn new software programs.

  • Knowledge of academic governance. Understanding of UCSD and UC systemwide organizational structure and communication channels.

  • Familiarity with institutional data systems with an ability to conduct independent research. Skills sufficient for the effective manipulation and analysis of quantitative data. Mathematical skills sufficient to calculate or evaluate non-standard salaries and levels of additional compensation, service credit, and salary differentials.

  • Background Check required.

Pay Transparency Act

Annual Full Pay Range: $61,800 - $108,000 (will be prorated if the appointment percentage is less than 100%)

Hourly Equivalent: $29.60 - $51.72

Factors in determining the appropriate compensation for a role include experience, skills, knowledge, abilities, education, licensure and certifications, and other business and organizational needs. The Hiring Pay Scale referenced in the job posting is the budgeted salary or hourly range that the University reasonably expects to pay for this position. The Annual Full Pay Range may be broader than what the University anticipates to pay for this position, based on internal equity, budget, and collective bargaining agreements (when applicable).

If employed by the University of California, you will be required to comply with our Policy on Vaccination Programs, which may be amended or revised from time to time. Federal, state, or local public health directives may impose additional requirements.

To foster the best possible working and learning environment, UC San Diego strives to cultivate a rich and diverse environment, inclusive and supportive of all students, faculty, staff and visitors. For more information, please visit UC San Diego Principles of Community.

UC San Diego is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age or protected veteran status.

For the University of California’s Affirmative Action Policy please visit:
For the University of California’s Anti-Discrimination Policy, please visit:

UC San Diego is a smoke and tobacco free environment. Please visit for more information.

Academic HR Analyst 2 - 129858 (2024)


What is the difference between HR and HR analyst? ›

An analyst focuses on data analysis and reporting, a HR generalist manages a HR operations, and a HR manager oversees all HR functions within an organization.

What do HR analyst do? ›

Analyzes data and statistics for trends and patterns with attention to recruitment, hiring practices, motivation, turnover, and compliance with employment laws and regulations. Prepares reports of data results, presenting and explaining findings to senior leadership.

How to become an HR analyst? ›

Bachelor's degree in business, finance, computer science, statistics, mathematics or related field of study or equivalent work experience. 3 years of relevant experience is preferred, experience with data/statistical analysis is a must.

Why do you want to be an HR analyst? ›

A human resources (HR) analyst collects, manages and analyzes HR information to help streamline processes and make data-driven decisions. If you enjoy data analysis and would like to help an organization understand the effects of HR policies and strategies, this might be a career you'd enjoy.

What level is an HR analyst? ›

The Human Resources Analyst II is the second and journey level of a three level professional series. Incumbents may work as a generalist; however, their primary focus is often in talent acquisition, training, or HRIS.

What position is higher than HR? ›

Vice president of human resources or chief human resources officer (CHRO) An organization might have either a VP of HR or a CHRO that reports directly to the business owner or the CEO. This is the most senior-level position in an HR team.

Is HR analyst in demand? ›

The profession is in a growing need of people who have the enthusiasm and knowledge in this field. Since there is a huge demand of HR Analytics experts that can help the organizations with their knowledge, people are now opting for courses and programs that help them to be the best in this domain.

Is HR analytics a good career? ›

A career in HR Analytics is challenging and rewarding, and a unique blend of skills and knowledge from human resources, data analysis, and business strategy is required.

What degree do you need for HR analytics? ›

In addition to earning a bachelor's or master's degree, aspiring HR analysts should seek entry-level data analysis, business, or human resources job opportunities to gain experience in this dynamic field.

How much does a human resources analyst make in the US? ›

Hr Analyst Salary
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$109,500$53
75th Percentile$95,000$46
25th Percentile$60,500$29

Is HR analyst stressful? ›

HR professionals often deal with sensitive issues such as employee conflicts, terminations of contracts, and compliance with employment laws and regulations. These responsibilities can be stress-inducing, as they require careful handling and can have significant consequences for both employees and the organisation.

Does HR analyst hire employees? ›

They gather and analyze data related to workforce metrics, employee engagement, and performance, providing insights to support decision-making. Additionally, they may develop and implement HR policies, conduct job evaluations, assist in recruitment efforts, and ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations.

What is the role of HR analyst? ›

Here are some common roles and responsibilities of an HR analyst:
  • Analysing data. ...
  • Ensuring organisation. ...
  • Creating relevant reports. ...
  • Ensuring employee compliance. ...
  • Analysing employee compensation and benefits packages. ...
  • Drafting HR policies. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Attention to detail.
Sep 27, 2023

What is the difference between HR generalist and HR analyst? ›

While it typically takes 4-6 years to become a human resources generalist, becoming a human resources analyst takes usually requires 2-4 years. Additionally, a human resources analyst has an average salary of $69,001, which is higher than the $56,159 average annual salary of a human resources generalist.

What is another word for HR analyst? ›

HR Analyst. HR Coordinator or Staff Coordinator. Employee Relation Manager. Learning and development specialist.

What is the difference between HR management and HR analytics? ›

Metrics provide a foundation for performance measurement and decision-making. HR analytics, on the other hand, takes HR management to a strategic level. It empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions about talent acquisition, workforce planning, employee engagement, and retention.

Is HR Analyst stressful? ›

HR professionals often deal with sensitive issues such as employee conflicts, terminations of contracts, and compliance with employment laws and regulations. These responsibilities can be stress-inducing, as they require careful handling and can have significant consequences for both employees and the organisation.

What is the difference between HR reporting and HR analytics? ›

HR reporting offers teams a simple, yet effective way to present their findings to the management and stakeholders. A report is the logical follow-up to HR analytics. You first collect and analyze the data. Perhaps you make decisions based on your observations.


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