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the restoration this country is a place to slow down and enjoy the simple things coming to discover the natural, historical and cultural beauties the the time. so robin watching the, i'll just it renews online for my headquarters here in the coming up in the next 60 minutes. is there any strikes it under was a distribution building in dollars? a city with thousands of displays, people have gathered at least full palestinians, are killed as blah release is another drawing video. it says show sensitive is rarely size including minute resides in haifa. it could be targeted if oil allow tool begins. we also have from an active service member of the usaa full su,

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wants to resign for once. the size is american complicity in the will run. johnson, there's no serving the american people in our current policies. we're doing this service to, to people around the world on some pause, calling deals in china to flood advised compton easily. we looked at how climate change is affecting global food production. i'm joining israel's, go with a sports push it goals. coach says he's worried about his play. a safety of the selfie seeking pitch invite is confront christy on rinaldo during his latest match? i think you're right. the welcome to the news. we start with a news uh with breaking news coming out of the gaza strip. where in central gaza,

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an unreal op food distribution center has been attacked let's we're hearing that, at least for people of being injured. the facility is a warehouse. it's also being turned into an aide center and also shelves of many displaced across the goal is a strict. let's close the topic, i pose the about corresponding two's joining us now from there of bella tarik, just a it brings up to speed on what we know about the specifics around the attack on this distribution center. well yes, so hitler in fact to the is valley minutes where you has target at the gates of on the main headquarters in gauze the city this place has been defeated to the since a hold of operations being made by the united nations relief, a new agency in the gaza strip, i'm the lead to also being stored by the is what all me earlier in november, the managed to late that time,

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this place into an 8. since i've dealt with palestinians, have been used to loan on line up some of the hours of order to get a supplies from that particular part of the gaza strip off today has been targeted emissions information that we've got on the services on the ground. so i say he's at least to palestinians have been injured. um it's uh, 3 destruction left behind in the area that was bon bonded and this is absolutely one of the part of the thing is very old and you're going to attack attacks on the central areas of kansas city. now the attack has been carried out in one of the areas that considered to be held between areas of garza where there are lots of problems even have been taking this place as a shooter. i'm. it is very ongoing compartment of the know that part of the territory with the impact on the ability of boost siblings in order to get some sort of safety. it's been has been attacking the older refuge account and even residential buildings. but even places, palestinians have been used, used,

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did choose to receive page from met this homecoming is very attract some of the territory those tools while that's on getting a story that way. following, there is a great deal of concern about the amount of a that's coming in to the gaza strip with the as a endless reports of simon looming of the yes, i live. in fact, we clearly know that the international court of justice has passed the resolution that cogent as well to enable and to ensure the delivery of who times of humanitarian supplies to the people who are in a very desperate hole in the parents report. since the beginning of, of brooklyn, encouraging is what has control philadelphia and the present. so they were supposed to begin to get into the gall district seat vanya, to make posting board. is that including roof on our mobile side of the course? think i'm now with the beginning of the ministry and could you give any devalue or

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refuge account people into another part of the gulf? this truck did not receive me, so to say to now, and we need to also remind go if you is that there are hundreds of a mustang and the egypt should solely to the boy without waiting for further approval to get into the cause. a strip of egypt from its side refused is what existence i'm control of the bullets while as well to not refuse has any kind of palestinian entity existence. and roughly, for the um is the opposite. the fire to the to the crossing. it so especially for the place that we're past palestinian passengers used to to, to pass through in order to get to the age of sion slowly until now humanitarian organizations that even the palestinians. uh to the palestinian read it for that says that's from the news that the gaza strip now is looming more and more day by day as move mountains cushion cases have been recorded by the palestinian ministry . so that being quoting the international community and the is what he's tied to re

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open on the 1st things in order to allow for a to get into the gaza strip at least to help news, very desperate palestinians in order to cope with the off to match so that is very offensive on this trip to even to alleviate the signs of firemen that start to, to desperately move again in multiple areas across the street. and in particular, the marginalized portion of the strip, you know, the process has been on the wall. it is very attractive since the past couple of weeks as well. so as started covers things as far as the in the robot. of course, i will continue to monitor what goes on with you throughout the day. things topic has blog post published in the video of what it says on aerial images and strategic sites within israel. the level based group says it shows military centers in the highest the area amongst others. it relates to simulate video and cheese by showing other sensitive sites. has blog, has probably support for the people have gone. so with the see the house in this role, a warning as well, that no one will be sped in and allowed tool that's got more and this more

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corresponding as a bad case in relation 711 on so. so don't just talk about this video released by you has the law incredibly sensitive material and the 2nd in a matter of days of the yes, absolutely. a 2nd in the matter of days, as you've said. now, this video was titled to whom it may concern and it wasn't declined with as marks remarks on the need to of his with a how sudden us through the 20 did show would the sensitive side that. so you mentioned no one of those was a hacker. yeah. complex, which has, is the headquarters of the ministry of security, the general stuff, and the miller g come ons, but also in this video, or as a voice of the electricity stations, as well as satellite bases. but also interestingly, uh, unlike on the videos, they listed maritime code and that's for 3 gas extraction sites. and again,

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this goes back to his book law warning is really in the case of when i pull that these, the, these sites could be, talk to them. these are not just ministry sites, he's also not. we're also looking at infrastructure. but what's interesting is that his beloved drones have managed to infiltrate. is there any space and have managed to avoid the defensive? and this is happening on a daily basis. no. but what, what his below hasn't done has it struck these locations, is just pointed to the point that j as well, that his beloved knows where these locations are. it's a warning more than anything else because it has been to come and ask of escalation and his beloved need to send the structure up to the res earlier in the week. and he said that they don't want to will, but they are prepared for it. of course, the scenario is that where you are right now has seen an aerial bombardment ongoing, both tools as well. i'm too old, southern lebanon for,

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for some months now. certainly since october, the 7th. and that's the real worry. isn't that that this conflict could escalate? yes, as you said, for since the stats of the world gaza, they have been to and fro to send a tit for tat strikes between his beloved and is ready positions. but those rights have been limited to a certain extent to minute free pockets. it has been rushed to do that slowly. if this and this conflict has been simmering, but there is concern that it could escalate, then all it takes is one miscalculation from either side for to escalate very, very quickly. and that's really the fear in many pay faces along the southern board . the hair and the brown people have left have left the villages have left the times the actual fear of an escalation, but also the in boardman. that car is on the strikes taking place. sometimes you can hear drones and sometimes it can hit

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a craft over head and the reports daily that also his beloved is striking positions inside israel and sometimes is it a response? but there's also being talked to dis, estimations from his read of members of his beloved and as he said, is a real fear. but to gain the warnings from his below head that is an or with actual fact, israel can much attack, let brown with that comparing damage itself. so thanks very much for the up to us. i think that for us and southern level, it was very defense minister. you'll go on just heading to the united states adults with the us. he has addressed the escalating violence between his country and the lebanese based husband. i'll find his cell. i also believe the united states is the most important and central ally and our relationship is particularly important, perhaps move than ever these days. in these meetings, i will discuss the situation on because the front end on the lebanese front, 2 months is of critical importance. at this time, we are ready for any action. it may take whether in gaza, lebanon, or elsewhere,

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the transition to the 3rd phase in the gaza strip is of great importance. i will discuss it with the senior officials in the us administration, how it could also lead to other things. i know we will reach close cooperation between israel and the us on this issue as well as spring insults about coffee is a professor of public policy. it has not been cleared for university joins us today from the old in northern england. good. have you with us, missed america. we just began with the conversation that you have glad to have with his us counterparts when it comes to this new has belong video and the security concerns that raises both as well. and for its main ally, it really is good to try and draw the united states into this. the u. s. has already present unlimited training and entering on has been since this happens volt over that, specifically to deter any further explanation to come check it against as all the

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particulars that we're looking at to stopping iran from attacking israel by now they know very well that they are on, has no intention to directly to get to 0 at all, or even to reflect the great damage of israel. and this was illustrated in the way they responded in april to the attack is right, is done on the cost of it in the most. cuz but now i think it's like a different the situation if has been a lot of side too. so my size is right, is very aware of that number and the reach of those messiahs that as well, that has been able to been since 2006 if they charge, if they decide to do this, then there is no buffer zone, as well as the case would be around the responded to the distance between the wrong and israel, the buffer zone, georgia, and the ride and the 9 hour notice is such a all of this has now an out of the account of the is the because

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a lot has now issued very specific information about the targets and trinity that are already going for military and strategic type is within his route. and his right knows very well that they can reach this. so now they're all your help is for the united states to take further action. and it has to be short of allowing the israelis to attack they would because traditionally this is how is around to turn to turn hezbollah from fighting against it is by threatening to attack the capital . and they haven't done so far. and it's very unlikely to do it to do now, i think with the whole world, including the congress and the us. and this ration watching, what is right, as do mean, does it start to, is it kind of jump in that if thoughts is actually your train of thought that by for us and they're all day, want to why they called like they don't want to get involved yeah, we've got gland going to the us. do you want something out of this meeting?

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and if you call and get the political support, you might say for much why to contemplate, will it be looking for more munitions? i mean, the has to be something that he comes back to tell of eve with surely as well. they would be looking for a vision all the all the way through and they would continue to do to do that. and i think every episode, including when you're on responded, was used by as well, to extract more weapons from united states and more, more funding. but i think this time they're looking for something more. they're looking for the us to weigh in heavily on the, the government and better with in particular, but also within the region to maybe i was able to take a limited action maybe potentially up to the tiny river under the cover of the united nations security council. 17 or one, if you go back to 2006 when the war ended between husband law and is 0, that's resolution demanded has belong to withdrawal,

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to very tiny that over and as well as to withdraw from occupied 11 east land. now there's ratings, we do minus shut funds, which they claim they all combined back in $96.00 to southern from syria and not to let them now since then they even has established at that time to actually belongs to 11 and as well. i use it very much as the excuse for why they cannot implement the 71. so i think maybe they're looking for a political push, but tomorrow, judging by the way, they've been acting. they're more trying to make sure that the u. s. went back to them in case as my law had responded to the attack. and in particular, in case iran came to the help of his beloved the on the existing condition that says well, already has well seen sending what happens and come back to you from will come into as things develop a for the name is alton buttercup, that for as in york, in northern england, thank you. thank you very much. i to active service members of the us military,

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all thinking to resign on conscientious grounds for american complicity in the war on garza falls, personal laurie a bad, and e u. n one that's in cold say that they can no longer be complicit in his way. the war crimes being aged and the badges by the country they signed up to some of the us on to organization estimates that at least 40 other minute treat pastelo seeking resignations on similar grounds with audio. we spoke to larry a. he says he doesn't speak for the military, but his speaking for himself and the hope small members of the us military will learn about the rights as conscientious objectors. for me, it honestly wasn't a difficult decision to me joining the military in the 1st place, but it is partially due to i mean, all of us and we want to serve people, the american people, specifically, obviously, but there is no there is no

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survey american people in uh, our current policies were doing a disservice to 2 people around the world. and uh, and i strongly feel that so that's why i had to apply for as a conscientious objector which has. ready long history and other conflicts as well as vietnam and i rag. so i'm actually proud to kind of, you know, go into the footsteps of our, our prior conscientious objectors. i think in november i actually learned about a country. ready in subjection and i looked more into it and i didn't know if i would qualify or not. um, but the, i think a lot of service. i really don't actually know entirely what it is and what their rights are. and so i think it's extremely important to highlight our

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country as a conscientious objector and, and show people. ready like it that it is an option and you can take it. i think a lot of service members. i feel that they, they don't know what to do and, and they don't know how to how to act in this moment in the past, almost a year now. and i think this is applying for separation, whether it be through the cartridge are suggesting or another form of administrative separation that is going to go along with me. i don't think a ton of people actually have an opinion. i think most people are kind of focused on their own careers and their own lives. i don't think many people have an opinion either way or is there any thoughts of the rest of 20 people in the occupied westbank in just the past few hours the palestinian prisoners society says that brings the total numbers over us since the stalls of the war to move the 9301

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arrest that was shot to her shot many is an incident on saturday that so an injured palestinian tied to in his way the military vehicle. joe, who right in jeanine is mainly all me, says it was a violation of orders and it's investigating the day has more from ramallah, wounded, bleeding, and tied to the hood of an armored is rarely military vehicle as it drove through jeanine, past ambulances. that could not come to the rescue. it's not clear which unit of these really army was involved. the vehicles, number plates were concealed, was rarely soldiers later released was a head allowing paramedics to transport him to hospital where he was taken to the operating room. why didn't most of the, the jeep caused by the ended man was on the hood. last, one um was tied to the windshield, and the other room was on his optimum sony, they drove past us and refused to get on the patient machine. now what of all these

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really armies use of palestinians as human shields is well documented, it's been cited in several recent to you and reports, including one that added israel to a list of countries, the target and killed children. the images from jeanine are part of the overall picture and the occupied westbank or violent is really military raids and subtler attacks are relentless needed on my law, another palestinian mother indoors the unthinkable. varying her 12 year old boy my how much was injured in his really rate 2 weeks ago. and meanwhile, is ready. soldiers rate is completely up to confiscate the carbon is really man shot and killed there on saturday morning. the attack was an apparent retaliation to the ambush and killing of 2 palestinian men on friday in the jordan valley here . another is really subtler attack. is no casualties reported. but

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a reminder that in this climate of violence and community, no palestinian is in use to the violence of occupation or all day i'll just eat a drama palestine tens of thousands of protests as riley didn't tell yvonne so today calling for a see 5 deals and data collections organize and say it was one of the biggest demonstrations as are launched as well. the families of captives being held in goals that have joined the demonstrations is made of government to expand dollars that are from reporting this honda civic. how is this report from a mind in jordan another week of demonstrations against israel's government. saturdays protests intel of these ends would organize what's called a full week of disruption, with demonstrations taking place every day in multiple cities across the country. i'm here to demonstrate and ask my government and also going to lend his own was

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please, please do. citing the deals assignment from y'all view just doing it brings them back home. these rallies have been calling for prime minister benjamin netanyahu to step down and for new elections to be held. but that's not all they're asking for. the protestors want a deal to ensure the safe release of the captive. but they say the government is neither capable of bringing them back, nor interested in a ceasefire that allows that to happen 0. so it's not a secret. and everyone understands that it's impossible to return $120.00 up doctor . today's 3 military operations. nothing y'all who has maintained the military pressure is the only way to bring them back home and says the war will only and one's israel has achieved an absolute victory over him up. but earlier this week,

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these really armies spokesperson, daniel, has already said that that goal is unattainable, protest or say they'll continue taking to the streets until there's a change in israel's policies towards the war. and with a ceasefire deal nowhere in sight. demonstrators say it's their job to turn off the pressure on this. and y'all who's government, i'm the said who is ito. i'm a, the, the fires floods and drought to destroying food cops and farms around the world. take a look at what's happening and he's been trying to for example, weeks of sweltering. he eats and little to no rain full has left cold, feels engine don't punch. and that means that farm is being comes a drawing up to sooner just like you do or you may go 10 is extremely, extremely severe. from the time i can remember, i've never seen it this bad,

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even with the drought in the nighttime 6 days. or it wasn't as dry as it is this year, and the fact that it's due rain once or twice in the spring, but this year it hasn't really even once you've had it. well, it's a different situation in southern china, but the story remains the same problem, funded by days of to angel rain with thousands of heck tubs of crops completely ruined, is exceptionally dry. weather is affecting coco farm is in africa mold and 60 percent of the world's supply comes from ivory coast. i'm gonna and in the past, the price of any triple putting pressure on chocolate sellers. well, in your huge amounts of rain i've taken that hold on, i can call to 234 percent of rain. unusual is full. and then if these food basket reasonable embodied us disrupted the planting of grains such as may soil and rice ro and douglas says that the climate risk of resilience, not the global ensure how group holdings,

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he joins us on line from london. mister douglas, kentucky with us on i'll just say era. as we said, heat waves, floods freezing temperatures. it's all sort of a vicious cold. as the seasons move around the well then we continue to have the wood climate change and things need to be done. it sounds like a broken record that no one is willing to change quite yet as well. things happening on the, on the private amenities, the highlighting this, this guy and challenge you if you've already picked the issues on agriculture, which is affecting a communities in the sectors around the world. because we also see me the tragic loss of life uh, around the middle east and, and elsewhere in the last uh, in the last few days. and uh, obviously many others have suffered in, indeed paris to which i haven't made a new set. so yes. regretfully, with seeing the impact of, of turning the levels that i missed out when out to 225000000 pasa of

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a see i see a 1000000 of in the atmosphere. and that's literally like setting up the thermostat, the slowly but surely the temperatures in the oceans are rising, just driving multi plans. listening increased at temperatures, which of course, the closing risk of wells, far unfunded will say, tornadoes and a major i live in. so this isn't eligible under directly, it's going to get some continue to get was as, as the atmosphere just so these new conditions. and so we got to learn to repair and to with that space, then this summer for expos communities, particularly the northern hemisphere. but actually in the years ahead, governments companies let me really go. so let me just jump in, that's the description. is this a glass for a 2nd? because yeah, you give it a spray overview, i think with fully aware of all of that. but let's just put talk about state security, for example, if just wanna make sure it seems to be in may well be the focus of the next call meeting and back in november and also by john and with those extremes in west to be it's, you know,

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droughts in africa or flooding in europe. do you think that is going to be one of the major topics of conversation? food production, the caught me things you can't just talk about temperature without, without not talking about the effects and, and the aftermath of wat rising temperatures. are doing to the planets and in the, to the way that the global population instead that you're absolutely right i, it will be a critical focus of the conversations and back to in the, in november indeed, i think it's going to be a focus of all the global made things which begin with the un general assembly in september is simply because the security is properly the primary transmission system for the new most acute, but also strategic impacts of climate change on countries and communities. and it's also a, a growing stress, or for g, it was a co and why the economic challenges of the world is currently facing as a sort of

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a multiply risk multiply. so we've got to focus on at the have a sort of local level and sharing that communities have the right kind of support, right? so the across the right sort of sees heat resistance or, or what will be appropriate, some bra sees across. but also of course, protecting other regions from excess, flooded through through various interventions through to reduce flood risk in particular parts of the world. but nevertheless noticed by all these interventions with the physical effects become challenging. so then we have to think about tools such as insurance. some of is even in your plan, you talked about the challenges of farmers in the, in china. and we've, we've just put that together, programs in africa to ensure that if, if the temperature is o rain full exceeds a or is um beyond a certain permit to farmers get automatic payouts to protect them from that

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financial impact. so these changes so that they will not have to spell valuable life store or other assets just to get through this season and then put themselves in the entire will power or full full feature. yes, you touch on the very interesting subject. when you come to compensation, because a lot just very briefly because we only have a little bit of time left. 2 very important. thank samples. they have slept in the, in england, just pop to the government for example, to say, we'll look at compensate stations schemes. the national farm is union that says, you know, the compensation is all very well, but it's the live do. it's something you've just touched on about. farm is in china . they need that livelihoods to work. that compensation is going to help them. it that feels are still able to log and then it'd be last week haven't all just there . we also talked about co production, obviously down in west africa. but it's affecting the job, small kitchen australia, what chocolate shops and produces, having to cut back on employees. so you've got the 2 extremes here, climate change affecting the production and very different ways and impacting on

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people's lives. absolutely, i didn't really think compensation is the right framing to, to look at this. ultimately, we collectively within countries and actually between and across them, have to manage and share this risk together. so we have to reduce it together. we also have to recognize that as you indicate to go into dependent and we have to find ways of ensuring that those who are affected through these events whether be through supplying crops so oh, working in, in downstream industries. have protection say that when extremes we set at risk locally and globally to make sure, but just as we did with that, pandemic communities can get over these shocks and then and then continue. but overall, we have to somehow find ways of reducing the risk, which of course, is around producing a column is ultimately, but in the meantime we,

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we have to think very carefully about the economic and financial resilience of our communities. what we say, what does happen? certainly in back here and also by john is on that for the moment. robin douglas, thanks for joining us from london. so thank you. thank you so much. bye bye. a still head here. hold on with 0 with one weeks ago for the citizens on getting ready to vote and i sent parliamentary election. why the far right? national riley policy, the think think games. and it's both a level of performance by and go to some of the t 20. well, top top latest fixing tional coming up later in the 5 and the over the last few days you may well be aware they've been some funding fund to still owns that produce flooding. rock falls and huge hail away from the southern

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alps across permanently to west and ukraine. because the active weather can be on the atlantic is still running, software is infected, the very hot weather in the middle of europe. probably a new record is the noise involved area $41.00 on the substitute there of costs. heat wave board exact from here south was in to grease that division stays in bay for the energy said to give you big of thunderstorms over the next few days. that they do easy and things like remaining and bulk area and probably in ukraine as well. but not necessarily in those initially with thunderstorms, a wonderful country. i decided what effect to these a cold front is in this to less hot to the north and the heat warnings to the surf . but actually summer is coming too much of an old, near where it's been missing, particularly the finish house, sofa almost the entire year. so also still maintains the threat of flooding. you know, it's really done things in the are in your website along with front generally. and

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low countries not particularly help, but certainly helpful. and it has been up to 20, maybe 29 degrees by the middle of next week. and that's a definite change for the better of the, at the good ship as a product, as it is a risk image for we travelers most are crossing africa looking for a possible way to your some are coming back the other way. and the stories are chilling, reminder of the dangers for to my ahead, the safe haven at the crossroads of hope and despair. the loss shelter. witness on a jersey uh what does a i really mean for the future of humanity? what sort of future society we want? it creates it. all of this technology roommates. do we still have power of choice? a g i 's beach, actually

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a tournament and operating in doing this is the apple kind of technician who is it already too late? so if corporations this more power might in the bill in an entire country, the future is going to be good for the i would be nice if to before she needs, as well as human on al jazeera, the, the, [000:00:00;00] the welcome back to the office there, and he's out with me, so hold on me. a reminder of all the stories has blogs published another video of what it says on. every language is a strategic science within his room, including military bases and other important facilities in haifa, negates and galleries as below as data as well and as well that new one will be

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sped in an online tools, at least for palestinians have been killed and many more injured adopters, ready full, so shall the main on the building and gone to city. now the compounds main gates was hit, causing significant damage. hundreds of displaced palestinians assault shown in the building now a huge obstacle to guessing humanitarian agents. a gauze of all the bold checks as well, and so, so making before trucks are allowed to enter supplies, arrive in egypt, on congo, ship set to port site or by plane is how the re samples a trucks due to end to columns were then checked by his radio solver to use that sensor, then costs back to egypt, fly. they had to the roof of crossing the last time and the truck was allowed through, theresa was february, the full full. they go to these really controlled kind of levels. so i'm crossing for inspection and then to from the before the will become the run $500.00 a day with cost integral and so through kind of level,

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so i'm almost done getting through now. so i spoke to matthew holling with the well food program direct at the palestine and asked him what the reasons, a truck, something getting into parts of gauze of what. and i'm at the moment, we're reliant on essentially one power to, to get into the northern garza and north of jobs. and that sort of the key entry point of that actually at the entry point into the northwest. however, we actually once a need to have that ricardo functioning assistance coming in from the know the central, the south. we need the assistance to, to cover multi set to requirements, not just food. we need the services to be provided, not just in time, a to be handed over. and so there's a lot more that needs to be done. it is an active was that we are constantly gaily having to negotiate the access and navigate through what is the was i to get

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assistance to people that need it? um, i'm not so incredibly complicated. it could all be much easier if there was a cx 5 and you can watch the whole of that interview on top $12.00 to 0 with matthew, holding with from the well food program at $1430.00 gmc today and throughout the weekend on i'll just, sarah. well monday, the gossen, if the i'm heads the golf emergency response team for the age group and that right, he's in ramallah and joins a sound lot good to have you with this on the program must we just had, you know, 8 agencies say the 8 is the waiting to go in these right, and he said that they were allowing more a day now with no way file just it was independently verify what's going on at the crossing points, which has been closed by these really is it's hard to understand where the hold up is a sure the thank you for having me. as the method was mentioning, the crossings are really the impediment to getting 8 and we're now 260 days, inches or more than

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a half months into the war. so this which on the ground have been some desperate advocate. awesome, and suing, and both. now the north and the south and gaza sentence operations in the beginning of the me to the amount of to the other 8 entering into gaza. it's been sufficient to make the story means, what would it be for challenging 6 pace and as you come now, even more desperate, it's almost impossible to deliver aid on the ground to the team. let me just jump in there and talk about the logistics here because we know what the problems all. certainly from all correspondents that are within garza, in terms of your knowledge, how many a trucks do you estimate from your point of view of waiting to go in from the official 7 crossings that are available to gauze? uh, but in siri there were only 3 potentially working is soso from our experience as an error. we had almost 80 trucks enter into gaza recently. what's needed is as

1:39 pm

the number that has been mentioned more than 500 a day. and this requires a lot of coordination to get in. so with the delays of inspection, with the delays of approvals from is really side does not allow you to get in. we do need a permit or a supplier to happen in government for the recovery to begin. uh, we do also open up all the access points and so the trucks are not getting in the 8 is probably putting up as a team at the cut them up beside them as well as the last year, which is always open, but also inaccessible. the biggest thing is security. there is no security for that to to, to go in and deliver the aid as well as leaving, delivering to the people desperately need it. i'll talk about security in it, but i just want to touch on what you just mentioned by which guy will pick this slightly. is the delicate negotiations that you've discussed. i know that matthew also speaks to me on out talk to, i'll just hear about this and much more depth. but can you explain 12 view as the

1:40 pm

amount of all the variety of the delicacy of all of the negotiations that you have to participate in to get that a did i mean, what all those negotiations with these rallies and how delicate holiday a tour? um how to use it to describe that. so to, to get a report of the p coordination at multiple levels. okay. you have the co got level, we have to approve the aide that gets into cause. then you have to see a lady that has to give you the approval in terms of the movements within. got uh, okay. all this has to happen within a matter of days, which means that all late is gonna be uh, will be delayed because the approval necessary is needed prior to um, so it's for that to happen. all this has to happen in the 2440 hours and, and maybe also cancel that last minute and for security reasons about these other stories. so again,

1:41 pm

what was lacking is not only the 8 and the some type of agency being a loading. for example, the protein means chicken or you know this past holiday with a lot of tough, we could not get any media into the holiday season. and as you know, a lot is about this reading and delivering needs of the people's, the same thing with, you know, frozen or refrigerated goods that has not been allowed to enter. and if it does enter, it gets loaded on the way. so it has the security aspect. so you have the security issue, you have the security issue, but then you also have a prioritization of the type of loads you could get approved, as you say, perishable items. most probably now have to in your mind, would they come down the packing order and that you would decide to maybe send 8 items be they long term food items or even medicines that would not be

1:42 pm

perishable on the routine and the weight of the crossing points so yeah, so, so this requires very, uh, is, you know, strong and strict uh, coordinating with his really no worries. no, i will say that when it comes to the medicines and the principal items they do come through, but not at the speed at which they must be delivered. but the problem is not that typically the acreage is across any point, it's getting back into god. it's all, this is where the difficulty lies. so the 80 can be at the crossings, but to get our trucks to reach, cut them, a 7 or as a team is very difficult, which means that aid is going to be in will be probably destroyed. given the delays that are required to coordinate the pickup and those as well as not only that being looted on the way from kind of understand them or is a key now to gather. so there's multiple challenges in his whole is school process, and it's literally imagine you're trying to deliver

1:43 pm

a piece by piece into god the when the, when the pipe is so small. so the pipe has to, why do they to get them delivered? otherwise, the people on the ground are the software and the suffering already. the north already use instances of the station does because of us and a missed a got. so i think we generally have it. that's already a detailed picture of what's going on across the strip. it's also good to get your insight as to the difficulties that you face of today's great, thanks very much for your time. and thanks for joining us. thank you. searches and find small tests that balance so nice not parliamentary election. one week from now present model maxwell's shop. many when he dissolved parliament after his ponds, he lost ground to the following rights and elections. 2 weeks ago, the move could hon power to maintain the pens and national valley policy from paris, natasha about to explains why michael and did it. and was this happen next?

1:44 pm

summer really depends far right. policy is on the brink of power in front. the 1st time and she knows it up beat him, smiling the pen, but supporting the constituency of anna beaumont ahead is next sunday's not collection is the one up as we did, we have the possibility of winning these elections and creating a unity government. this will get this country out of a rush. earlier this month, the president unexpectedly dissolved parliament of to rescind to right on he was drafted by the fall rights and from says you election emanuel mike crow said he was responding to boot is grievances and can see did hit made some mistakes. spastic. have it put me. ready if i thought i'd done everything right, i wouldn't be standing here today. i wouldn't have dissolved the government and everything would be fine. so yes, i do take some responsibility. who with a surprise election looming politicians from all sides have been propelled into last minute campaign with a political twist, sometimes as dramatic as micros decision. the conservatives of being raped,

1:45 pm

appalled by divisions its lead to eric sealed the barricaded himself in his office of to be expelled from the policy for a line with the fall right on the left wing policies of the lines. one foot impossible that includes socialists brings and cleanliness that he's at. no one was that all the data and we do need we have decided to unite to resist the fluoride. but above all, to restore hope, to millions of people who live in frogs and who cannot stand manual microns policies any longer. this not the legend is a major gamble for emmanuel macro. if he is pressing on, vote is being so scared of a far right victory. but they'll back his policy. that may have been the case in the post, but it's not necessarily the case today is to this poster says michael underestimates the appeal of the pens policy. so can you pop open once he's not taking into account is that these days people are gone to the national riley as a political party like any of projecting a soft

1:46 pm

a younger image depends. national riley has widened its appeal, but the language critical lives, migrants, muslims, and the you remains the same. if the fall roy takes power, michael will most certainly lose his bets and pays the way to the countries 1st popular government. but he looked gambled away, his political cry dependency does legacy as after butler alters era paris. so jack, but old as a senior research fellow at the global policy institute thing time key, joseph and son muller, in fonts, can help you with this material and all the program. depending on who you ask, the answer is all different. tell me what is this a need check reaction, or is that message to the madness full present macro, the cold, a selection, a visual result. but that thing, most people are saying that it was a mad actually was a very risky gambler. and that the call as being the play dice when

1:47 pm

a democracy with uh, the couldn't be stuck with a deal to country is very, very risky. there was no need for him to go to that it should the to do so about a month after your benediction. you of that joe, do use. i've always lost your was evictions. they all funny is the moment with the country events displayed, but the defective of the evening when it was october, iced to increase, that it needed to get re fi, just situation. and he was not in a situation to govern. but in the, even with his order too much show it to you by mr. past fritchie, the goals are using cause issues or tools that the which kind of had governments in the to be north full expansion, the immunization. so it must be moving. yeah, maybe a distribution. why not? but why no should have been done after the big at the moment, the national already the national from is on the board trend of my call as

1:48 pm

a very body which it could be said that these are human dimension. was it the and she micro referendum and people chose to express the dispatcher, i think you guys are going kind of started. so as to jump in, is he calling the electro? it's bluff by. actually you might say buckling the say, but i'm bringing to attention. what's on the line, which is the future direction of friendship, politics, as indeed that's what he's doing. he's ok. maybe that you will express your dispatch of it. no, i'm going. you have to put your money where your mouth is. you say you're logged in, but see when they are in government, see what it would be like to of baldera who as a prime minister and a national a runny, which is dean as a racist was very tough. but he sees especially young people with jordan, as sure that it did, it would be, it would be general or for french at

1:49 pm

a different try to be terrible to need mitchell products. and it would be terrible . so many french, a citizen so easy is hoping that maybe people were really like this fit, but the problem is that the nation already is not just 1st departing and problems, not even dependent. drilled them about it. i mean, i didn't look see fight. so it would be very interesting to see when the people we use the result we use the head of we board with the guts at the moment. they seem to think the nation from as an answer to the concept. but it's not the case. we know we've seen that since the beginning of the company, they've been back tracking on most for the purposes because that the rest already has that charging people about getting them when they won't do here. but this time, most of the approval is sort of the constitution or unworkable. oh, it's going to be pretty good. disrupting. so with the french vote with that head

1:50 pm

with the vote with that good. that's the big question indeed. and i'm sure we will find that very, very soon, and hopefully invite you back. some analysis of the result is accurate. all thanks for joining us from some of the influence you still ahead, hey, i'll be i'll just even use installed thrill belgium and finally arrive at the european championship football action. coming up to the surround, you've seen has leukemia and needs and treatments approved as well as will and locate ongoing. so is this something that you're seeing is also suffering from malnutrition? august the hospital endeavored by he's not load calling since again, the frank assignments as small nutrition among palestinians continue to spread,

1:51 pm

says foster due to the lack of all kinds of basic humanitarian and medical supplies . according to the you on more than 20 children, have tony devonte attrition in the north alone. i'm 31 percent of acute lima norris on counting the cost few k policies of laid off, but economic plans and election manifesto who can bring. we'll change the slack play a terrace on chinese made electric vehicles that sponsor trade will eat on last 5, hoping pay package is he worth it? counting the cost on al jazeera, the, the, [000:00:00;00] the

1:52 pm

size, the school, the history, the house. thank you. port schools codes for both, and martinez says he's worried about his play. a safety of to christina rinaldo was confronted by full pitch. invite is during the latest, much of the year royce, the string, a security breach has happened in the 2nd half of portables. 3 know when of a tough kid in dolton, rinaldo was happy to pose with young fine who skipped paul students before getting his phone out for selfie spots. the full school captain was clearly annoyed when 3 more people tried to do the same. in the final moments of the game, one of them grabbing him by the neck to move funds, tried to confront rinaldo as he was of the pitch with his teammates. it is a concern, is that concern? because today we were lucky that the intentions of the funds were good. i think we all love a fund that is recognized as the big stars under the kind of uh, icons in the, in the, in the lives that's i think we all agree with that that you can understand that there is a very, very difficult moment if those intentions are wrong, the place that expose and we need to be careful with that and probably we should

1:53 pm

give a message to the funds is not the right to the right way. you're not going to get anything out of it on what you do is that probably the majors they get worse for, for the, for the future is not good to get the place so exposed when you've got people ring on the page as well. security concerns aside for chose confirmed as fruit f win is also that victory over to the mountain silver gave portugal the lead. 2016 european champions would gifted this 2nd goal to to defend the summit. a kaiten this attempt to the costs of the go paper, but instead found the back of his own net. now they then set up buena fernandez who made it 3 now portugal in the 2nd half. so this is how group f looks off the 2 rounds of group games took care a 2nd. um, most of we defeats in that final much against cha, here to be stuff. and that progressing georgia. 311 with to here earlier on site

1:54 pm

today with both teams dealing with the chance of progressing belgium or off the mall could be yours basing romania to now to pick up the 1st way of the tournaments . they went ahead of the 2 minutes were related to congress. set up your retirements because here in salt lake to how to go rolled out for the 1st time in 2 matches bots with 11 minutes left to munch expertise, kevin sabrina, field, the 2 new victory and belgians. first, 3 points of color of a criminal much meant get people. i wasn't worried off to the 1st much. i don't think we played badly. of course we made a few mistakes, but i think we created opportunities into it. but we just didn't go any goals for them. i think we, we show of our plan. we knew what we had to do today. and it's, and i think our performance was a little bit of a clip law. and it really couldn't be much tighter in that group now or 14. sits on 3 points heading into the final round of games. belgium play you, crane and romania face looks like you. or scotlands football fans will be out and

1:55 pm

full slate to instruct. gotten what could be the last time for them as the team face hungry and the crucial, you're is game a win with guarantee them a spots in the round of 16 is one of the best, the place teams. if i manage should think of that, then they'll be making history as the 1st scottish teams to progress beyond the group stage of a major tournament. golf tournaments a sense of occasion to come out here and to be involved in and for scott, for scotland, the 1st major overseas tournament since 1990. 81990. 0 still play as a long time ago. so it's nice for them to be nothing you can see with the support as it will go. i've here have much they have enjoyed being here. i'm sure other people, but in scotland, the other 5000000 admonished to travel. i'm sure that they also didn't go send it to him in english and as well as germany of already qualified of to winning that opening to games. they'll play switzerland and how much that could decide the

1:56 pm

winner of group a. well, there who ever finishes top would need to face spain. in the knockout rounds, mexico was hoping that copa america campaign by beach in jamaica one no, was no good news for the mexican team in houston by the captain. it's an oliver, as when tell from the 1st off with a hamstring injury makes cuz when it came with around 20 minutes left, they take on venezuela. next. venezuelans who is so go into the game with a victory. they came from behind the window to one against equitable where to play a central from the 1st hoff don't the cookies and, and what they are getting the goals for venezuela. in the 2nd hall, i've got us on a recorded impressive super 8 twin t 20. well, comp, they've handed australia that 1st last of the tournament displays a hot trick from cummins is the 2nd straightened match that comments of my 3 dismissals in a row because efforts healthy, restrictive dentist on to

1:57 pm

a 148 to 6. so said when to go by the 9th, however, made sure that a stray of social he took fools 20 as a kind of stone dismissed australia for 127. when by 21 run it's a work up game and definitely you know, when it comes to beating a bit side it's, it's, it's a good achievement and uh, the opportunity don't do any work up. so meeting team like that. i think it always gives you that so much energy. and so the need to, to sleep of shikari richardson has qualified for the powerful impacts. also winning me 100 basis front of the us track trial for the time is 10.71. writing well champion missed the 2 games. choose disqualified from the us. team of the testing posted for cannabis of the world's best speed climb is scrambles to the ticket, see the power so that makes it a qualifying event. in budapest, proteins, alexandra co got when the women's final last china is paying rose to vacation in the men's events. all right,

1:58 pm

that is what your thoughts are now. i have more lights as the hill. thanks very much check. that is the, is there a nissan, full time and somebody's a done will have more on the other side of franklin chat with me on the $2.00 times 100 complete. the don't have the time the do they care about the back? what do come on? come, why it was a good. did you do how you do? i'm lucky for the from the minutes of the, the 1000 animals and the measure and having the chick throughout issues all that hard. oak us government,

1:59 pm

part of it. i'm gonna lose it and ask them for that. in addition to submitting that, then will research. i'm literally shut time. no problem. what are some of those we had? what do they tell me that what was that that i sent on their part of the sentence as a cut that i know what are the same diagnosis, how to see the progress on know quite a lot of the, the african stories from african perspectives. the music, it is the menus to say mass email works from phone people to short documentaries, by african filmmakers from the media and gonna, knowing that i'm actively contributing to the change. it's really a rewarding feeling, sleeping on water. and the girl from the new series of africa direct on i'll just here is rails war machine is decimating entire households. and with us the words of those who survived and with the help of

2:00 pm

the palestinian generalists, folk lines tells the heralding story of 3 families and investigates us complicity and the world's most beautiful in decades. the night old and biden's wanted us to part of just either the is riley strikes, hit on was distribution building and gaza city, at least for palestinians onto the farm. sammy's a, them, this is i'll just say i live from the house. so coming up as well. already is another dry and video it says shows sensitive is ready sides including military

2:01 pm

ones, could be targeted and all that. well. we have from an active service member of the

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